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Happy Samhain and 3rd Harvest, here is the Circle of the Stag October News!

Coffee Corner

Thank you to all who attended our September Coffee Connections at Twisted Java! We had over 20 people attend with great conversations, new people and a book swap!

Our next Coffee Connections will be October 8th at Twisted Java - 2615 W 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67203.

We are having aother book exchange at the next coffee connections!

The rules are simple:
  1. Bring a gently used (preferably pagan) book or two.
  2. Exchange a book with someone else.
  3. Anything left will be donated to to Twisted Java's Little Free Library.

Looking for Something to do?

SEPTEMBER 29th-OCTOBER 28th - Wicked Island hosted by Plant Kingdom's Wicked Woods.
OCTOBER 4th & OCTOBER 7th - Face the Mirror: Black Gate 2 hosted by Saffron Syl'Vanus and Orin Hart.
OCTOBER 6th - Delano Campfire Ghost Stories & S'mores hosted by Historic Delano.
OCTOBER 7th - October Skull Painting hosted by Wichita Pottery.
OCTOBER 7th - BOOtanica Hosted by Botanica, The Wichita Gardens
OCTOBER 8th - Coffee Connections with Circle of the Stag
OCTOBER 13th - ICT Bloktoberfest 2017 hosted by ICT Bloktoberfest and Xclusive Events.
OCTOBER 13th - Museum of the Undead 5: Camp Crystal Lake Hosted by Exploration Place
OCTOBER 14th - Hocus Pocus movie night at the Patch! hosted by Klausmeyer Farm and Pumpkin Patch.
OCTOBER 14th - Trail of Tears Memorial Walk Hosted by Hunter Health and Mid-America All-Indian Center.
OCTOBER 15th - Coffee Connections with Circle of the Stag.
OCTOBER 19th - Renaissance Celebration: A Madrigal Feast hosted by Museum of World Treasures.
OCTOBER 27th - The Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight Screening hosted by Wichita Orpheum Theatre.
OCTOBER 28th - Monster Murder Mystery hosted by Nerd Barrage.
OCTOBER 28th - Witches Ball hosted by Circle of the Stag.


**Donations will be accepted to support Confluence Community Center and allowing us to use their space**


Face the Mirror

by Orin Hart

**Its not too late to sign up for the Face the Mirror classes!**

**Special Price until this weekend only**

Pay for the entire 16 week class up front for only $60! If you pay by this weekend you will receive a workbook for free (a $15 value!).

October 4th and October 7th are the classes for Black Gate 2


Location: Confluence Community Center
520 Commerce St.

Key Topics: Overview of program, tips, tricks & tools to complete the course.

Every Saturday and Wednesday come weekly for new topics, faces and experiences!
Face The Mirror...

Empowering you to support a happy healthy life.

More people these days are turning to natural healing methods such as homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga, mеdіtаtіоn, hypnosis, nutrition, Ayurveda, herbal-ism, chakra-balancing and aromatherapy. These techniques have been combined and simplified in an eight chapter program called Face The Mirror.

Face the Mirror (FTM) is a self-empowerment series developed to evaluate and restore personal core values to reflect unconditional love, then communicate them to the whole.

Through this instructor lead course you acquire tools to identify your paradigm and learn how to manipulate its infrastructure. The easy-to-follow curriculum guides you on a journey of realization and evaluation of your personal values and how they affect your quality of life. Misaligned core beliefs may be the cause of perceived obstacles between you and prosperity, health or happiness.

Embrace the duality of learning and mentoring while you work closely with your peers to clear these blockages over the course of this 16 week event. Each session will include activities incorporating your five senses, stimulating handouts and intimate sharing sessions.

Different core values are evaluated at each chapter, or gate, of the course. For optimum results, attending all of the gates and the Introduction is recommended, in no particular order. There's a class every spring and every fall with an opportunity for you to become an instructor, if you wish.

The two part introduction covers the expectations and offers tools, tips and tricks for the seven gates. The gates are titled as colors of the rainbow: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and White.

$5 per class

payable cash at time of class, Link here to pay for total:

Questions to Orin Hart

More information about this project and other workshops and events for Face The Mirror visit

The Dumb (Silent) Supper - Feast with the Deceased

by Colleen

Ever heard of a dumb or silent supper around Samhain? This is a tradition held by some folks to honor those who have gone before. Samhain marks the time of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. This makes an opportune time to speak with Otherworldly beings or spirits. No wonder there are so many decorations of ghosts, ghouls and skeletons!

During this time people hold séances and practice divination in many forms (Tarot, Scrying, Runes and Reading Bones are some examples) looking for answers from spirits and ancestors. One way of honoring our ancestors or spirits is to host a dumb supper.

A good example of a Dumb supper that I found online is below:

The Dumb Supper

"In some Pagan traditions, it has become popular to hold a Dumb Supper in honor of the dead. In this case, the word "dumb" refers to being silent. The origins of this tradition have been fairly well debated -- some claim it goes back to ancient cultures, others believe it's a relatively new idea. Regardless, it's one that's observed by many people around the world.
When holding a Dumb Supper, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. First of all, make your dining area sacred, either by casting a circle, smudging, or some other method. Turn off phones and televisions, eliminating outside distractions.
Secondly, remember that this is a solemn and silent occasion, not a carnival. It's a time of silence, as the name reminds us. You may wish to leave younger children out of this ceremony. Ask each adult guest to bring a note to the dinner.
The note's contents will be kept private, and should contain what they wish to say to their deceased friends or relatives.
Set a place at the table for each guest, and reserve the head of the table for the place of the Spirits. Although it's nice to have a place setting for each individual you wish to honor, sometimes it's just not feasible. Instead, use a tealight candle at the Spirit setting to represent each of the deceased. Shroud the Spirit chair in black or white cloth.
No one may speak from the time they enter the dining room. As each guest enters the room, they should take a moment to stop at the Spirit chair and offer a silent prayer to the dead. Once everyone is seated, join hands and take a moment to silently bless the meal. The host or hostess, who should be seated directly across from the Spirit chair, serves the meal to guests in order of age, from the oldest to youngest.
No one should eat until all guests -- including Spirit -- are served.
When everyone has finished eating, each guest should get out the note to the dead that they brought. Go to the head of the table where Spirit sits, and find the candle for your deceased loved one. Focus on the note, and then burn it in the candle's flame (you may wish to have a plate or small cauldron on hand to catch burning bits of paper) and then return to their seat. When everyone has had their turn, join hands once again and offer a silent prayer to the dead.
Everyone leaves the room in silence. Stop at the Spirit chair on your way out the door, and say goodbye one more time."

Ritual taken from Thoughtco:

Interview with Circle of the Stag - How do you honor your ancestors?

In my family we got stuffed animals made out of grandpa's old clothes when he died. One way of honoring. Some other things we've done are memorial tattoos, and setting up things that represent that person on our altar. - Alisha
Visiting a graveyard and/or historical sites are my preference. When I lived in Massachusetts I would make a trip to local historic sites like Salem and Plymouth and visit the graves and points of interest to remember, learn things I may not have known before and say a little prayer to the deceased. For ancestors who have passed more recently I would visit their grave, leave an offering and talk with them. - Colleen
We set an empty place setting. - Crystal

October Seasonal Lore

by Alisha

Full Moon - October 5th

“October's Full Moon is one of the most spectacular! Named the Hunter's Full Moon by the early American Indians because of something curious the Moon does this time of year. On the Full Moons before and after the Autumnal Equinox (September 22) the moon rises in the sky about 20 minutes later each night as opposed to the rest of the year when the moon rises about 50 minutes later. This results in more days that the bright moon is in the sky at dusk. These extra days of moon light gave the American Indians time to hunt and prepare for the coming winter.”


Birthstone & Flower

Via “Individuals born in October get to choose between two birthstones—tourmaline and opal. Each gem then unveils nearly limitless possibilities, as each one comes in a rainbow of shades and color combinations. In fact, both of October’s birthstones came to earth through a journey involving rainbows, according to legend. Between tourmaline (whose color depends on trace elements in its chemical makeup) and opal (which diffracts light to show a play of multiple colors), October’s birthstones offer a full spectrum of gems to suit anyone’s personal tastes.”

The birth flowers for October is the calendula.


New Moon - October 19th




“The two signs associated with the month of October are Libra and Scorpio. People born from October 1st to October 22nd are members of the Libra sign. As a Libra desires security and harmony above all else, those born under the sign can be identified by the organization applied to all aspects of their lives. For those born from October 23rd to October 31st, they are members of the Scorpio sign. The Scorpio is resilient and opinionated, which explains why they are amongst the most driven of the zodiac signs.”

Samhain Eve - October 31st - November 1st


Samhain is the time of year when many members of the Pagan community celebrate the cycle of life and death. This Sabbat is about the end of the harvest, the calling of the spirits, and the changing aspects of the god and goddess. Try some or even all of these ideas -- obviously, space may be a limiting factor for some, but use what calls to you most.

The leaves have fallen, and most are on the ground. This is a time when the earth is going dark, so reflect the colors of late autumn in your altar decorations. Use rich, deep colors like purples, burgundies and black, as well as harvest shades like gold and orange. Cover your altar with dark cloths, welcoming the coming darker nights. Add candles in deep, rich colors, or consider adding an ethereal contrasting touch with white or silver.
Samhain is the time of the dying of the crops and of life itself. Add skulls, skeletons, grave rubbings or ghosts to your altar. Death itself is often portrayed carrying a scythe, so if you've got one of those handy, you can display that on your altar as well. Some people choose to add representations of their ancestors to their Samhain altar - you can certainly do this, or you can create a separate ancestor shrine.

In addition to symbols of death, cover your Samhain altar with the products of your final harvest. Add a basket of apples, pumpkins, squash, or root vegetables. Fill a cornucopia and add it to your table. If you live in an agricultural area, visit farmer's markets to gather up straw, sheaves of wheat, corn shucks, and even sickles or other harvest tools.
If you planted an herb garden this year, use seasonally appropriate herbs on your altar, such as rosemary to remember your ancestors, mugwort for divination, or yew branches, which are commonly associated with mortality.
If you're considering doing a bit of Samhain divination - and many of us do - add your divination tools to your altar for the season. Add a scrying mirror, your favorite deck of Tarot cards, or a pendulum to use in rituals related to divination at Samhain. If you do any kind of spirit communication work, this is a great time of year to reconsecrate them prior to use, and give them a bit of a magical boost.

Mulled wine, dried leaves, acorns and nuts, dark breads, ears of corn, a straw man, offerings to the ancestors, statuary of deities symbolizing death

October's Crytal Gemz

October Crystal GemZ - Coming Soon!

Around the Spiral Tree

  • Order of the Aurora hosted the Mabon ritual for the Fargo Moorhead Pagan Pride event on September 30th 2017. This is the 3rd year in a row that Spiral Tree Tradition has been asked to facilitate the main ritual. Congratulations everyone!
  • Circle of the Stag is hosting an Open Samhain Witches Ball (If you couldn't tell, we are supper excited)
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I was born on the night of Samhain, when the barrier between the worlds is whisper-thin and when magic, old magic, sings its heady and sweet song to anyone who cares to hear it.

Carolyn MacCullough

Circle of the Stag
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