Self Love Spell


Self Love Spell

Spell for Self Love 


Supplies Needed:

  • Pink Candle
  • Candle holder
  • Anointing Oil (Rose or lavender are good choices)
  • Herbs (Lavender, Hibiscus or dried rose petals are good choices)


Start by holding your pink candle and stating out loud or visualizing what this candle represents.  We say something like “In this world and in all worlds this candle represents X”  This is what you want to bring into your life: Love, healing, self love, self acceptance, compassion.

Next anoint the candle from the top to the bottom to signify that you are requesting these to come to you.  You may also anoint from the ends to the middle as symbolism of bringing in.

Add the herbs to the candle.  You can roll the candle in an herb mixture or sprinkle by hand.

Next chant, tone or visualize intent as you light your candle.

Allow the candle to burn down.  Do not leave the candle unattended! If you are unable to allow the candle to burn down put out the candle.  (I usually say something like: I extinguish this candle but not the intent).

If possible bury the remains of the candle into the earth.

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