Witch’s Night Out

Orin did a wonderful job teaching us about Glamour Magick.  We drank a wonderful Jasmine blooming flower tea as we sat and watch it unfold before our eyes while it steeped.  A meditation assisted with creating our mask and mirrors to see the mask on ourselves.

So what do you do after learning about Glamour Magick?

Get all dolled up and go bar hopping!

We started at Central Standard Brewing which had a live bluegrass band playing.  Not quite my scene but the beer was flowing and people were having a good time.

Next up was Rain Cafe.  Great atmosphere, small dance foor.  We had a few drinks, laughs and danced.

Final stop was Club Inferno.  There was a gospel drag show going on when we showed up.  We had more drinks including a special called “The Sinner” which was awesome.  After the drag show was over we took over the dance floor with our moves!

Enjoy some pictures that ended up in my phone 🙂


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