Samhain Silent Supper

Circle of the Stag celebrated Samhain by having a Silent Supper.  A silent supper is a way to honor your ancestors and invite them to share a meal with you.  During Samhain the veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest so this is a good opportunity to send or receive messages from the beyond.

This is a good article that describes how to hold a silent supper:

For our Silent Supper we used dark purple plates, reserved a spot at the head of the table for the spirits and the other end the hostess (Colleen).  Orin made delicious soul cakes which we served our spirits as well as us.  Orin casted a circle and smudged the dining room to create our sacred space in which we closed off in all black curtains over the windows and doorways.  Our only light was by candlelight.  We wrote letters\messages that we want our ancestors to hear and used wishing paper to light them into the sky after dinner was completed.  We then took to the covenstead to communicate with the ancestors using a spirit board (Ouija Board).

We had lots of fun and wish everyone has a Happy Samhain!

Here are pictures from our night.

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