Circle of the Stag Lughnasadh 2017

Lughnasadh or Lammas is the first of 3 harvest festivals and is traditionally a time of sacrifice.  John Barleycorn is cut down and sacrifices himself to feed the people.  This is a time when agriculturally farmers start harvesting their crops in Northern Hemisphere which could be earlier or later than the traditional date of Lughnasadh in some areas.  Many of us “city folk” sometimes have a difficult time grasping the difficulties and hard work of the harvest but we don’t need to lose sight of the meaning of this first harvest.

As the grain is sacrificed and harvested think of what things or ideas you’ve had to sacrifice or what others have sacrificed for you.  Think of seeds you planted at the spring, which were full blossomed in the summer, now are ripe for harvesting.  Check on things you put in motion earlier in the year.  Are they ready to move forward?  Are you ready to harvest?


Enjoy our pictures from Circle of the Stag’s 1st Harvest.


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