Coven Application

Coven Application Process:

1. Submit application.

2. If application is approved by the Coven Council, an invitation to attend two meal, craft night, or other informal events will be extended.

3. If all parties are in agreement, an invitation to attend rituals for the next six months will be extended.

4. If at any point the Coven Council deems the applicant not a fit for the group, a meeting will be scheduled to terminate the trial membership within 1 lunar cycle of the decision.

5. After 6 months from the application, the coven head consults with the coven council and the applicant separately to determine if inner court status will be granted. The Coven Council may shorten or extend the trial membership at its own discretion. ii

6. If all parties are in agreement, the applicant will be duly dedicated to the Coven.

ii. Trial membership may be extended if extenuating circumstances exists, or as the Coven Council deems appropriate. This decision must be reached by consensus. If consensus cannot be made, the Trial Member may be asked to return to Outer Court activities. Trial members may not vote in Coven Council.

iii.The coven will not process more than two applicants simultaneously.

iv.Returning Applicants/Members: If a member who leaves in good standing wishes to return, s/he must reapply as a prospective applicant.