Ancestor Chant – Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle

All you who have gone before
Please listen now we are listening to
All you who have gone before
Join us in peace
Crossing the river of life and death
Crossing the river of spirit and breath
Maiden, Mother, Crone – Spiral Rhythm

Maiden, Mother, Crone,
See us sway and listen to our chant.
Hear our cry tonight, tonight,
We call for power.
The circles have grown empty,
The fires have gone dim.
I have a magic pocket
To put your love in.
If you haven’t any love,
Then your tolerance will do.
If you haven’t any tolerance,
Then Goddess bless you.
The circle now grows full,
As the witches all draw near.
If the Goddess listens closely,
What will she hear?
The voices of her children Rising to the sky.
As we send forth our will With a gladsome cry.

I am the Godess – Spiral Rhythm

I am the goddess
My feet are rooted
Deep within the earth
My head among the stars
My crown the universe
My arms are open wide
To hold eternity
I am the tie that binds
Encircling you and me
Earth, Air, Fire, Water – Lila

The earth, the air, the fire, the water
Return, return, return, return
Weaving Our Way – Suzanne Sterling

Weaving our way between the worlds,
awakening we touch the source, 
and when we dream,
and when we open,
we remember who we are.