The Circle of Stag is a coven of the Spiral Tree Tradition.

We are based in Wichita, Kansas, founded July 2014. Our roots are Alexandrian and we primarily worship in a British Traditional style, but we also draw inspiration from the Anderson Feri tradition, the experience and the unique talents our coven-mates, and allow Divine inspiration and spontaneity to play a large part in our ceremonies.

The Circle of the Stag’s purposes are to:

1. Develop meaningful relationships and grow into a spiritual family.

2. Teach and Learn the Craft of the Wise drawing from traditions as the coven sees fit.

3. Celebrate the Wheel of the Year.

4. Develop and grow as individuals on a spiritual and mundane level as well as to develop our magical and psychic abilities.

5. Practice self-care and care of the environment.

Members Bio



HPS B’Aylana F.G.


I’m B’Aylana, the coven head of Circle of the Stag located in the grassy plains of Wichita, Kansas.  I’ve been practicing various forms of witchery since the tender age of 13 and teaching the Craft for nearly ten years.  Holding close to my heart the Charge, “let there be… mirth and reverence with thee…” my teaching style alternates from intensely serious to silly and irreverent.  My specialty in the craft is putting the body back into an “embodied religion.”  I’m also pretty darned good at magic on the fly.  For my coven mates and students, I search for their special talents to feed their growth.  I have also been known to challenge comfort zones with assignments and give the feedback that isn’t easy to hear. In coven we are family, yet it is not for the feint of heart.

At 12 years of age, I read a series of books by Jean Auel that introduced me to the idea of a goddess.  I found the Craft the next year and began reading and clumsily experimenting with ritual and magic based on my books. I found my teacher and mentor, Grandmother Willow, while in college and was eventually initiated into third degree in 2005.  Since then I have also participated in women’s mysteries group, Reclaiming Tradition Witchcamps, and worked a little with Feri initiate, T. Thorn Coyle.

May your spiritual adventure bring you wonderment and joy, obstacles and opportunities, and knowledge and connection with the Divine.

HPS & Coven Head of the Circle of the Stag


The Witch is In - Colleen

First Degree Priestess, Colleen

Merry Meet!

I’m Colleen, assistant coven head of Circle of the Stag and also your friendly web mistress.  I am originally from Massachusetts but Moved to Kansas October 2010.  I’ve been a practicing eclectic Wiccan (for lack of better terminology) for almost 20 years.  I have a mix of experience ranging from most of your British Traditional Witchcraft’s to Celtic.  I’ve been with Circle of the Stag since its inception in 2014 and have loved every minute of it!

I’ve always been interested in the occult.  From a young age I had a fascination with Tarot cards.  My mother had a friend who used to read.  Little did I know then that the interest would stay with me for all time.  My mother gave me her Tarot deck when I was in my early teens as she had no use for it.  Yes!  More recently I’ve picked back up Tarot and relearning it over again.

So I grew up and was raised Catholic.  My freshman year of College I went to Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I. where I started my self discovery.  No longer was I bound to what my parents wanted me to do.  I started talking with people online and in chat rooms and found that Wicca was a religion.  Mind blown!  I couldn’t get enough info.  I was a sponge.  What does this mean, what do I need to know, what can I learn.  It was a very exciting time in my life and all while I’m attending a Catholic College, how ironic!

Since then I’ve practiced off and on, with groups and solitary, always learning as I go and finding where I fit in.

I am quite sarcastic and love to joke around.  I hope you find you stay at our small humble website enjoyable!

Colleen Judge
Assistant coven head
Web mistress extraordinaire

Dedicant, Alisha (Uh-lih-sha)

Welcome Sisters and Brothers!

My name is Alisha. I am a recent dedicant of the Circle of the Stag, though I have been following the Wiccan path since my late high school years. I’m nearly thirty years old now, and have zero regrets about leaving the church I was raised in to follow the footsteps of the Goddess. There were a lot of factors that led to me deciding to explore other spiritual paths, but the main two were the acceptance Wicca shows to other religions and its acceptance of LGBTQIA individuals. My wife is very supportive of my path and has attended many of the coven’s public events.

I personally believe in the scientific method. Make a hypothesis, test it, record your findings, repeat. I am very logically minded. If you tell me that rose quartz brings love into your life, I need to know the mythology behind it and the reasons. Beyond the fact that it’s pink. Science will always be the easiest way in my mind to prove or disprove something, but I recognized in myself a need for spirituality. I needed to believe that there was something beyond death besides the physical decay of the body. Wicca appealed to me because of the history behind it. So many aspects of modern Christianity have been taken from mythologies and traditions from the ancient world. Why not cut out the middle man? I think I can sum it up in the words of my favorite quote, “Don’t laugh at us for worshiping nature. We can prove it exists.”

I am excited to hear your stories, and learn why you have chosen the path you’re on.

Blessed be!

Social Media Mystic