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Coffee Corner

The next Coffee Connections will be May 21st.  We look forward to seeing you all.  Look for location and details on our Facebook page. 

B'Aylana and Orin Beltane 2017

Beltane was a rainy success!

Circle of the Stag had planned an outdoor celebration for Beltane complete with a raging bonfire.  Alas, Mother Nature is precocious this time of year in Wichita.  She gave us windy, cold, and wet conditions.  SO, we made lemonade out of our lemons and brought the celebration indoors with a few alterations in the ceremony.  Kudos to Colleen who was …

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Happy 10 year anniversary to Spiral Tree Tradition's coven Order of the Aurora!

Phoenix stated at the anniversary ritual, "It wouldn't be possible and we wouldn't all be here today if it wasn't for ALL of you".

Sarashun of Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship (HOPF) made an important statement, "Covens take a lot of hard work from each person involved, and wouldn't even exist without everyone working together."

A little history....

• Order of the Aurora (OOA) is the original coven of the Spiral Tree Tradition founded by B'Aylana in 2007.  Since then, this coven has survived, grown and thrived!  

• In 2010 leadership changed from B'Aylana to Phoenix who kept the momentum going.

• In 2013 the Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship hived off from Order of the Aurora and the Spiral Tree Tradition was born!

The Spiral Tree Tradition now has 5 covens!

• Order of the Aurora - Founded 2007

• Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship - Founded 2013

• Circle of the Stag - Founded 2014

• Covenant of the Moon - Founded 2016

• Spiral of Balance - Founded 2017

 We all super exited to belong to a tradition with such longevity and support!  A big congratulations goes out to Order of the Aurora!


International Day for Biological Diversity - May 22

(Thanks to Alisha for the submission!) 

The International Day for Biological Diversity (IBD) isn't just about diversity in humans. This day celebrates the diversity in plants, animals, and all the other things that sustain our lives. Species and ecosystems are constantly put in danger by habitat destruction, over-harvesting, and pollution. In our own state of Kansas there have been problems with extinction of native species.

Follow this link to learn more: http://ksoutdoors.com/Services/Threatened-and-Endangered-Wildlife. The theme for IBD this year is Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism. More info on IDB can be found at https://www.cbd.int/idb/.


Beltane and Sex Magic

Author: Red Dragon
Posted: April 30th. 2017 



Pagan Consent Culture 

Consent culture is all about the practice of respecting others’ autonomy — their ability to make choices for themselves — as well as claiming the right to make one’s own choices. It’s about respecting “yes” as well as “no,” and it’s about far more than just sexuality. Consent culture is about helping a community develop a more robust concept of personhood, and about normalizing behaviors that protect that personhood. It’s about celebrating individual sovereignty, while also exploring how to balance individual sovereignty with community, and honoring each others’ needs.

-Excerpt from Pagan Consent Culture

You don't need to purchase the book to view the articles on this page.


Kraemer said, “Pagans are no different from our wider society when it comes to our struggle to honor each other’s boundaries and treat each other as whole people rather than as objects.” Aburrow added, “Pagan communities often feel they are immune from the ills that beset the overculture, and we congratulate ourselves on being enlightened about sex and sexuality, but just as much sex-pressuring, slut-shaming, prude-shaming, and gaslighting goes on among Pagans as it does anywhere else.”

This book also includes writings from Shauna Aura Knight.



Heartland Pagan Festival - The Unexpected Registration is open till May 15th!  

Click Here to Register

Heartland Info:

Heartland Pagan Festival is a five day, family-friendly festival held in McLouth, Kansas over Memorial Day weekend at Gaea Retreat Center, which provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth to a growing regional community.  

The Sacred Experience Committee is responsible for the public magical events and experiences at the Heartland Pagan Festival, including the major public rituals, the vision quest, the sweat lodge, the labyrinth, and a great deal more.

There are usually three public rituals – Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.  The rituals adhere to the central theme of the festival: last year, “Elemental Excursions”; this coming year, “The Unexpected”.  They are public community events, in which festival attendees may participate or hang back to whatever degree best suits them.

The vision quest is an annual night-hike where attendees are confronted by a series of guides and antagonists, who ask them pointed questions to help direct them along their spiritual path.  The vision quests are organized around a strong central theme.  Previous years’ themes include The Odyssey, Animal Spirits, and The Lord of the Rings; the coming year’s theme is The Labyrinth.

The sweat lodge facilitates visionary experiences through drumming and intense heat. 

The labyrinth is a less intense visual experience created through complex repetitive motion.  

Tea with crones is an annual tradition where people meet with elders of the community for tea and conversation.

The Community Sand Mandala invites all participants to add to its colorful and meditative pattern.

The chair of this year’s Sacred Experience Committee is Jeffrey Groves, a Dionysiac witch with a decade’s experience running small public and private rituals.  This is his second year on the SEC, and his first year as chair.  Outside of the HSA, he is a jeweler, a novelist, a photographer, and an experimental sorcerer.  He can be reached through the Sacred Experience Committee’s public Facebook page.


SJ Tucker and Tuatha Dea are returning as honored guests and a new guest, Chas Clifton will be there!

Visit http://kchsa.com/ for more info.

This is the 32nd annual Heartland Pagan Festival!


REGULAR -3/8/17 through 5/15/17

• Adult - $125

• Teen - $55

• Child under 11 - Free

ONSITE - 5/16/17 through HPF

• Adult - $150

• Teen - $80

• Child under 11 - Free


PETS - $50 each

RV - $50 each (over 16 feet or 2 axles)


DAY PASS - 9 am through 9 am

• Adult - $50/day

• Teen - $25/day

• Child under 11 - Free

• Pet - $10/day


• Thursday   9am - 9pm (Closed 2pm - 230pm for administrative purposes)

• Friday   9am - 9pm (Closed 2pm - 230pm for administrative purposes)

• Saturday   9am - 2pm

• Sunday   9am - 2pm




Plans are in progress for the Wicca 101 class coming this summer.  Details to come!


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