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February Coffee Connections

February Coffee Connections at Mead's Corner was again a sucess! We had approximately 19 people show up this past Sunday at Mead's Corner.  We socialized, met new people and shared ideas.  We want to thank everyone for making it out and connecting with the community.  Looking forward to the next Coffee Connections in March!

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Heartland Pagan Festival - The Unexpected Registration is open!  

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Heartland Info:

Heartland Pagan Festival is a five day, family-friendly festival held in McLouth, Kansas over Memorial Day weekend at Gaea Retreat Center, which provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth to a growing regional community.  

The Sacred Experience Committee is responsible for the public magical events and experiences at the Heartland Pagan Festival, including the major public rituals, the vision quest, the sweat lodge, the labyrinth, and a great deal more.

There are usually three public rituals – Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.  The rituals adhere to the central theme of the festival: last year, “Elemental Excursions”; this coming year, “The Unexpected”.  They are public community events, in which festival attendees may participate or hang back to whatever degree best suits them.

The vision quest is an annual night-hike where attendees are confronted by a series of guides and antagonists, who ask them pointed questions to help direct them along their spiritual path.  The vision quests are organized around a strong central theme.  Previous years’ themes include The Odyssey, Animal Spirits, and The Lord of the Rings; the coming year’s theme is The Labyrinth.

The sweat lodge facilitates visionary experiences through drumming and intense heat. 

The labyrinth is a less intense visual experience created through complex repetitive motion.  

Tea with crones is an annual tradition where people meet with elders of the community for tea and conversation.

The Community Sand Mandala invites all participants to add to its colorful and meditative pattern.

The chair of this year’s Sacred Experience Committee is Jeffrey Groves, a Dionysiac witch with a decade’s experience running small public and private rituals.  This is his second year on the SEC, and his first year as chair.  Outside of the HSA, he is a jeweler, a novelist, a photographer, and an experimental sorcerer.  He can be reached through the Sacred Experience Committee’s public Facebook page.


SJ Tucker and Tuatha Dea are returning as honored guests and a new guest, Chas Clifton will be there!

Visit http://kchsa.org/ for more info.

This is the 32nd annual Heartland Pagan Festival!


REGULAR -3/8/17 through 5/15/17

• Adult - $125

• Teen - $55

• Child under 11 - Free

ONSITE - 5/16/17 through HPF

• Adult - $150

• Teen - $80

• Child under 11 - Free


PETS - $50 each

RV - $50 each (over 16 feet or 2 axles)


DAY PASS - 9 am through 9 am

• Adult - $50/day

• Teen - $25/day

• Child under 11 - Free

• Pet - $10/day


• Thursday   9am - 9pm (Closed 2pm - 230pm for administrative purposes)

• Friday   9am - 9pm (Closed 2pm - 230pm for administrative purposes)

• Saturday   9am - 2pm

• Sunday   9am - 2pm




Ostara - March 20th, 2017

This year Ostara Falls on March 20th and is a time when the length of days equals the length of nights, also known as the Spring Equinox.  

This is a time of renewal and rebirth as the ground gives way to the first blossoms of Spring.  Fertility symbols such as the Rabbit and Egg are frequently used to represent the fertile ground at this time. 

Since this is also a time of balance, it's a good time to work on balancing yourself.  Below is a nice Ostara meditation by Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary:



We're excited to announce we will be hosting a Wicca 101 class soon.  Details to come!


Next Coffee Connections is March 19th 2pm-3pm at Mead's Corner!


Next open ritual is Beltane! Date is set for Saturday April 29th. More details to come!


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