Summer Blessings member, here is the Circle of the Stag Midsummer News!

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Coffee Corner

Did you miss us?  Our June was packed full of events, vacations and Father's Day so we decided to take a break for June.

Our next Coffee Connections will be in July. Look for an Event on our Facebook page soon.  We look forward to seeing you all!


Around the Spiral Tree

The Spiral Tree Tradition consists of 5 covens.  Each of these groups follows the same basic by-law structure that has made them so successful.   

Circle of the Stag
Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship
Order of the Aurora
Covenant of the Moon
Spiral of Balance

• Three of the covens have new applicants.

• Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship (HOPF) has a member ready for the trials of 1st degree.

• Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship (HOPF) also had a member take a leave of absence and leave in good standing.  

• Spiral of Balance has just completed their first Wicca 101 course as a coven!

 In the STT our motto is "Strengthened through fellowship. Dedicated to spiritual growth."  Our covens thrive on sustainable growth therefore we limit the number of applicants at a time to each coven and carefully choose our applicants based on the energy of the group.  Spiritual growth takes time so frequently within our groups you will see small numbers and its a big deal when someone moves to the next rank!

Sarashun Communications Part 1

Communication and Community Building by Sarashun

Sarashun, Coven Head of Heart of the Pentacle in Rugby, ND, made this presentation on communication and community a while back.  I am still trying to find time to watch it.  However, I think we could all benefit from watching it.  Enjoy! Communication pt.1 - presentation by Sarashun of HOPF.

Read more.


July Seasonal Lore 

by Alisha 

Full Moon – July 9th

Via moongiant.com “For many American Indian tribes July's Full Moon is commonly known as the Full Buck Moon because it's the time of year the Buck Deer start to grow their new antlers. This month’s moon is also known as the Thunder Moon because of the large thunder head clouds that form on the American plains in this summer month.”

New Moon – July 23rd

7/31-8/2 Lughnasadh/Lammas

At this time of year the days have just started to get shorter. We’ve passed the summer solstice, and now the Holly King takes the throne. As the summer heat warms the air in our region, all around the world people are celebrating freedom and independence. This is a good time to practice magic involving freedom from oppression. It is also a good time to form groups and organizations that are beneficial to your members and the world.

The birthstone for the month of July is the Ruby. The birth flower for July is the Larkspur or the Water Lily. Those born in the first part of July, before about the 21st will be born into the sign of Cancer. Those born in the second part of July will be Leos.


Thank you to Ma'at's Temple!

A big thank you goes out to Ken and Amanda who hosted an open Midsummer celebration in Andover park June 23rd.   A couple of us from Circle of the Stag attended and everyone appreciates you hosting this event for the community.  Although Ma'at's Temple's physical location is no longer, these members of the group still want to see the community get together and celebrate.

Keep up to date with open rituals by being a member of Circle of the Stag's Facebook page as well as Ma'at's Temple.  

Next Ma'at's Temple event July 9th which is a planning meeting for Lammas.  If you'd like to get involved with planning or participating in open rituals please attend in person or participate in the discussion thread online.   Any help is appreciated whether big or small. 

Its through community involvement and volunteers that we keep our traditions alive.  


Website Update

I've added the ability to be included in our newsletters!  Any existing website profiles that have not logged on in over 6 months I will be removing the profile and adding the email address to our newsletters only so people can keep in touch.

 Any questions about the website please feel free to email cosadmin@circleofthestag.com.


We are still in planning stages for the Wicca 101 class coming soon.  We are working out the details to be able to provide you with a quality class.  

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